Severed heaven

1st of March saw the release of my first DLC must for this year so far, Dead Space 2: Severed. Which i thought was very good indeed, but very short. It’s 2 chapter-length plays through as fast as the first 2 chapters of its parent game, but even so, what is there is quality. Severed follows Gabe Weller from Dead Space: Extraction (annoyingly not available on Xbox 360), as he rushes frantically around the Sprawl to ensure his wife Lexine flees to safety from the Sprawl’s necromorph outbreak. The story elements, much like the main game, are told very well, and certainly drew me in. I wanted Gabe to succeed, and i made sure he did. In only 1 hour. I felt disappointed by the length of the DLC, am i being harsh? I haven’t purchased any DLC content since Fallout 3, but they certainly had more on offer, and didn’t cost that much more. I do hope there is more Dead Space 2 DLC, even with my misgivings about this one; as i would still purchase any future content.

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