Changes Incoming!

Howdy boys and girls, gentlemen and ladies, everyone of all ages. It is finally time for Agent Prince (that’s me) to step things up.

In the past this blog has predominantly covered video games. For while I dabbled in reviewing comic books also, but that is an industry I have little time for now.

The point of this post? I love movies. 80’s cop movies. 90’s cop movies. Action movies. Anime movies. Plus many more. I also love Anime. From the classic Akira to the modern masterpiece Devilman Crybaby. My sister blog Anime Aiko-Ka was created to cover Anime old and new. For a time I was also developing a separate movie blog entitled And Jack Left Town (can you guess the reference?).

Given the amount of followers here already at Agent Prince (you lovely people, thank you), it makes much more sense to envelop all three entertainment genres into one blog. I don’t expect any success as a result of this, that’s all on the appreciation of my readers. Respect of course has to be earned.

Those who follow me may have seen my work over at, where I was very fortunate to be among a great team of writers for four great years. Although no longer an active blog, its editor is the lovely Debbie. I highly recommend her Twitch streams. I’m now located at Hey Poor Player, working with a now-tight group of writers covering the latest gaming news, reviews and features.

But that isn’t enough for me. I simply have too much to say about a lot of things. Expect Anime, movie and video game retrospectives/reviews in both written word and podcast format. I can’t promise when it will begin, but I hope to start soon. Expect some of my existing work to transition into it’s new home here at Agent Prince in the meantime. I am but one person after all.

Please also follow me on twitter to join my ramblings about games, movies and football.

I hope you will find the time to join me. Here’s hoping its super-effective!

See you soon!



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