FOF Podcast #1 – Amateur Podcaster

I finally did it. I’ve been mulling over recording a podcast for a few months now, and now the pilot episode is done.

So here’s what to expect:-

  • Round up of Video Game/TV/Movie highlights
  • Blast from the Past – An in-depth look back at an entertainment piece/franchise that is 15 years or older
  • Feature topic (series, discussion points)

I hope to expand content over time, this is (hopefully) just the beginning.

How to listen

You may have seen the player at the top of the page. Just click play and you’re off.

If you’re on iTunes, then you can download it here. Please leave a review. Be gentle.

If you’d rather search and listen/download within your own preferred podcast app, simply search for ‘Feast of Fun’

I am already working on the next episode, and while the quality of the content is important, what is more important is feedback.

Feel free to @ me on Twitter (@agent_prince), or drop a like/follow on Instagram @agent_princekk

And finally, i hope you enjoy the podcast, even if it is just a few seconds of it.

Ta-ra for now!


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