Animation Advent Calendar – 12 Days of Christmas #2 – The Real Ghostbusters: Xmas Marks the Spot

Hello fellow adventeers! Another day closer to Christmas means another animation pick for the season. We’re staying in the 80s with a Christmas episode of one of my all-time favourite shows, The Real Ghostbusters. Enjoy!

The Real Ghostbusters S01 E13 – Xmas Marks the Spot

The final episode of the first season of The Real Ghostbusters is the only one to have a Christmas theme. Long before the 1989 movie sequel, the original movie’s animated continuation takes the busting crew back in time. To Charles Dickens’ 19th century Britain.

Lost in a heavy blizzard, the Ghostbusters accidently discover a time warp to the world of A Christmas Carol. Inadvertently trapping the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, it leaves one Ebenezer Scrooge to carry on his spiteful ways unabated. Once back home in the present, that spitefulness has spread across New York.

“We just killed Christmas, Egon. Christmas is gone. Forever”. – Dr. Raymond Stantz

To save the day, and the timeline, the Ghostbusters must travel back to Scrooge to impersonate the very ghosts they caught, while also retrieving and restoring them from the containment unit.

Originally airing on the 13th December 1986, Xmas Marks the Spot is as good a Christmas episode as you’d expect from such an excellent show. The script as always is sharp, with great insight into Peter Venkman’s difficulties with the Christmas season. The use of a fictional character to impact on reality is a bit of a stretch, but it is a good homage to a classic story that is endearing to many. And a nice dose of Christmas spirit.

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