Old Skool Anime

Ahoy hoy! Apologies it has been quiet on here of late, but fear not as content is in the works. In the meantime, in addition to revealing my video game related content over at Animation For Adults in my previous post, my main series over there is Old Skool Anime, a retrospective series on the anime of yesteryear. It might make you feel a little old, but hopefully an injection of nostalgia will feel all the more pleasing.

The series has been running a few months now, please see links to what has been covered so far. Suggestions for future posts absolutely welcome, there is plenty to go at!

Wicked City

The Three Faces of The Guyver

Dominion Tank Police

New Dominion Tank Police

Gunsmith Cats

That last one garnered praise from the voice of Minnie May herself, Kimberly Yates!

I hope you enjoy these retrospectives, you know I love a bit of history, and be sure to look out for further Old Skool Anime announcements! TTFN!


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