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The 9 Best Episodes Of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

Remember, remember the 5th of November. A significant date for the ages. No, I’m not talking about Guy Fawkes or bonfire night. Instead I’m talking about the release of something special: Batman: The Animated Series has come to Blu-Ray. This is not a review of that box-set, as I am not yet fortunate enough to… Continue reading The 9 Best Episodes Of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

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The Trinkets and Kinship of Shenmue

Originally posted on Hey Poor Player:- I have always had a thing for little trinkets. Back when I had to work in an office, my desk accommodated a Lego character here, a Marvel miniature there, an overall undeniable youthful spirit everywhere. My desk at home is a similar fixture, except now it consists of upgrades… Continue reading The Trinkets and Kinship of Shenmue


Agent Prince’s Month in Review – May 2018

Welcome to my first month-in-review segment, where I will take you through all the noteworthy strands of entertainment sampled in the last month or so. There is no set criteria here. I like to keep things conversational to give you, the reader, a feel for my experiences. Without further delay, here we go! Video Games… Continue reading Agent Prince’s Month in Review – May 2018

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Hands On – Dragonball FighterZ Beta

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the upcoming 2.5D fighter released later this month. Very much in a similar vein to the Marvel vs Capcom series, FighterZ takes place in the iconic Dragon Ball anime universe. Teams will consist of three unique characters, with a roster filled to the brim with all the beloved Dragon Ball personalities.… Continue reading Hands On – Dragonball FighterZ Beta